Kirkhams Lancashire


A velvety, unpasteurized Lancashire cheese with a deliciously velvety, pressed structure and a mild flavour.

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Because of the way the cheese bubbles rather than melts, Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese may be used to make a connoisseur’s cheese on toast.

Graham Kirkham creates his cheese in Goosnargh, Lancashire, with milk from the family’s own herd of Friesian cows.

The cheese is manufactured over two days, utilising one-third of the curd from each day of cheesemaking. Kirkham’s Lancashire is then cloth-bound and rubbed with the usual butter, allowing the cheese to breathe and mature over a two to six-month maturing period.

Graham learnt to make cheese from his mother, who now helps her husband milk the cows.

The family is the only traditional Lancashire cheesemaker, and the two-day curd process dates back to when farmers only had a few cows and it took two days to manufacture enough curd to fill one cheese mould.

The combination of unpasteurised milk and buttered muslin rind results in a rich and nuanced white Lancashire that melts in the tongue. It also produces the desirable ‘buttery crumble,’ with a clean, lactic flavour.

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