Cheese + Beer Picnic


Enjoy a delicious locally sourced beer + cheese picnic with slices of apple, grapes, and ale crackers.

Local Picnic

Barkham Blue (PA)(V)(Cow) by Two Hoots – Barkham Blue has an extremely striking look. It is formed like an ammonite and has a lovely natural mould-ripened rustic peel. The wet interior is a brilliant yellow with rich blue-green veins. It has a deep blue flavour, a smooth buttery texture, and a melt-in-your-mouth flavour without the harshness that other blue cheeses have.

Witheridge Hay (PA)(Cow) by Nettlebed Creamery – The strength of a mature cheddar is balanced with the sweetness and umami characteristics of an Alpine cheese in the Witheridge Cheese. It can hold its own on any cheese platter. The hay where it is matured imparts green aromas to the rind while also keeping the cheese wet.

Wigmore (UNPA)(EWE) by Village Maid Cheeses – The Wigmore is a semi-soft cheese prepared from unpasteurized ewe’s milk and rennet. Wigmore has a richness that is deep and fruity, with a delicate texture.

Reply All (Pale Ale)(VE) – Brewed by Double-Barrelled Brewery, Elusive Brewing, Phantom Brewery, Siren Craft Brewery, Wild Weather, and Dolphin Brewery for the upcoming Craft Theory Festival on July 1st and 2nd, 2022.

We used bru-1 and el dorado hops for gorgeous pineapple and peach notes, and ended with a touch sabro for a delicate hint of coconut and citrus in this smooth and sessionable pale ale.

Stardust Optic (Pale ale) – An aromatic hoppy pale ale. Capturing the full potential of the fruity American hop flavours, this beer is designed to slip down easily while packing in the best of the hop properties. A smooth mouth feel with tropical fruits on the nose.

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